I regard each client as whole - a part of this vast universe. An entity with immeasurable value. I believe in nurturing with unconditional love during every encounter. Get in touch with me today and start on the path to healing your mind, body, and soul.


Re-Discovering Your Wild


Nature Heals


Corporate Retreats


REDI For Wholeness

Ancient Power

Become the fierce and noble warrior you were meant to be.

Natural Healing

Discover peace, love, patience, and tranquility as we traverse into the more than human world.

Business With Compassion

Reform that activates a mindset of selflessness, outwardness, and productivity.

Transformation of the Whole

Be the person you truly want to be and open your heart to change.


"I highly recommend forest therapy as an opportunity to take a brief pause from the fast pace and abundant distractions of modern life.  During my two hours at Rock Creek Park, I experienced tree limbs bowing to me (like waiters at a Japanese Restaurant), features on tree trunks that resembled pahoehoe lava at Craters of the Moon, the laughter of running water, and the choreography of snowflakes dancing around in the air.  Forest therapy is a great way to improve your health, gain better insight and intuition, and become more observant."

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"The forest is the therapist. The guide opens the doors."

ANFT Founder M. Amos Clifford


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