"Loved, loved, loved, this walk. It was amazing, energizing, and such a connection to nature…Thank you, thank you for directing such an incredible experience of wonder and remembering all the beauties of the earth…"

"Forest Bathing brings you into the present, in current time and place. It de-stresses and centers the soul. You will feel energized, grounded, freeing you to move forward with more clarity and purpose. I was surprised to feel the love and support from nature. I will incorporate nature in my regular self-care on a regular basis because of this experience."

"…It brings great peace and a beautiful sense of knowing that I am supported, loved and a part of something bigger than myself. This knowing creates power to move forward in creating greater connection in all my relationships.”

"I highly recommend forest therapy as an opportunity to take a brief pause from the fast pace and abundant distractions of modern life. During my two hours at Rock Creek Park, I experienced tree limbs bowing to me (like waiters at a Japanese Restaurant), features on tree trunks that resembled pahoehoe lava at Craters of the Moon, the laughter of running water, and the choreography of snowflakes dancing around in the air.  Forest therapy is a great way to improve your health, gain better insight and intuition, and become more observant."

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